Saltsman House − A True 1920's Art Deco Home

It’s the 20’s.  The age of jazz, bobbed hair styles, radio entertainment, talking motion pictures, short skirts, the flapper, the Charlton, and art deco. This decade of prosperity and growth led Americans into carefree living  until the crash of ‘29 hurled the country into the Great Depression.

It was during this period that Saltsman House was built. (1923)  Perhaps jazz music could be heard coming from open windows, or affordable Ford model T’s lined the roadway in front, or perhaps foot traffic in and out of Saltsman House depicted girls in short dresses, fancy hats and bobbed hair cuts. This we don’t know.  We do know that the house was built in the style of art deco: from the original stained glass  windows, to the kitchen cabinets with hardware, to the lavish woodwork around the doors and original wood floors.  Button switches with mother of pearl inlays were still connected to the nob and tube wiring in the home.    

The current owner wanted to share this lovely home and so decided to make it a B & B. Some remodeling was done to bring it up to code, improve safety issues, and to meet the current needs of  guests who appreciate an updated bathroom and kitchen, all while striving to maintain the flavor of the art deco look in light fixtures, wallpaper, and furniture.

Location, location, location is the key as any realtor will tell you and Saltsman House certainly has that. Located in Steelville, Missouri–the floating capital of the world– it is situated one block from main street.  A short walk over Yadkin Creek, takes you to antique shops, quaint gift stores, and several eating establishments.  Or you just may wish to sit on the large porch in a rocking chair or in the gazebo and watch the ducks swim in the pond right across the street in Hoppe Spring Park.  And if you get restless, the library is in the park as well.   

Steelville has many fun things to do to from Onondaga State Park with its walking trail, and cave to Peaceful Bend Vineyard for your wine tasting. There are several resorts in the area which will fix you up  with canoes or rafts to float Steelville’s three rivers.  If fishing is your passion, there is Maramec Spring Park a short distance away.  Throughout the season, there are several music venues at Meramec Music Theatre or Wildwood Spring Lodge.  Farmer’s markets are set up at different locations in the town for fresh produce or original art. 

Any way you look at it, Saltsman House is the perfect get-away.  Book now to reserve your place.

bedrooms: 3

bathrooms: 1

Full Kitchen

Close to Activités

Saltsman House faces Hoppe Park while Yadkin creek runs by on the north side across the street.

 Highlighting the front entrance is an old fashioned porch, complete with a swing and rocking chairs that will draw you out to relax in the open air—just like in the good old days.  Take time to enjoy your family or friends while discussing the current affairs of the day, or just watch the children romp and play in the playground across in the park.  You can’t help but chuckle at the ducks as they completely disregard cars and trucks and waddle leisurely down the street between pond and creek.

The front living area is the place to unwind.  The original stained glass windows, in art deco style, launched the inspiration to add deco accents to the room.  Something old, and something new.  You may see a vintage statue from the 1920s or new chairs based on deco style.  You will appreciate the Persian rug, the period style lamps, and the chairs with the art deco theme running throughout. The décor is upscale and while you are away from your own home, you will feel you are in a warm, comfortable home and not a sterile hotel room.

As a means to support the artists of the area and in Missouri, you may see art work on walls or on shelves with business cards.  These works are not for sale and the business cards serve to identify the artists.  If you see something you like, please feel free to contact the artist concerning his/her work.


House Rules

Check-in: 4 pm.

Check-out: 12 pm.

Wifi is available 

NO Pets

No Smoking

No children under 12

The front bedroom was originally the nursery for the Saltsman’s only child, a son named Haley born in 1925. One can only imagine him playing with his train set–the engine leading the cars around and under his bed on the hardwood floors or perhaps his tiny fingers wrapped around a plastic horse galloping off into the sunset.  No longer a nursery, the current room contains a trundle bed with sleeping for 2.

The décor bathes the room in soft yellows and gentle blues.  With miniature floral wallpaper,  a patterned oriental rug, along with a 1920’s ladies’ dressing table, the young Haley may not have appreciated the current makeover.  However, today’s weary traveler will fine the room serenely comforting and relaxing.  Facing the park across the street, the morning sun awakens the room by bursting in through a framed stained glass hanging in the window to wash the room in morning glory.

Tired of eating out?  Cook your favorite dishes and enjoy dining in privacy in the spacious and updated kitchen.  Dishes and cookware are supplied.  You might whip up sandwiches for a quick lunch at the kitchen table or delve into a full seven course dinner with seating for 8 in the formal dining room–complete with fine china. 

The back bedroom contains a trundle bed and can sleep 2.  You will notice the masculine appointments to this room.  So reminiscent of a gentleman’s study or smoking room.  (No smoking, of course, but enjoy the thought!)  This room accommodates an antique desk and a small reading area where old books will travel you back in time to a quieter era.

The home has one bathroom which is so indicative of homes of the era.  Originally built for function only, the current owner pulled out the unreachable high cabinets, a dark and gloomy closet, and a restricted access.  Redesigned in white with black accents, the updated room is both functional and decorative. The walk-in shower is spacious for anyone. 

The master bedroom is lavish and luxe—even with the 1920’s furniture.  Originally a smaller room, space was added to accommodate more than just a bed.  A closet was added as well. You will appreciate the original woodwork, dark stained and in surprisingly great condition, and, of course, the original wood floors that run throughout many of the rooms.  They add warmth and style.

 Found in the attic were a number of pieces of lingerie Mrs. Saltsman may have worn.  These and other articles of clothing, post cards, pictures, letters and other items can be viewed in the History Room located off the front bedroom. Originally part or a wraparound porch, it was at some point enclosed.

You may notice no television. There wasn’t one in 1923 either. The owners thought your getaway from home should be peaceful and relaxing.   So sit on the porch and sip lemonade.  Relax in the gazebo.  Read a book—old or new. (Can be found in several rooms.)  Stroll in the park.  Feed the ducks.  Visit the library in the park.  Walk across the bridge and get an old fashioned sundae or ice cream cone.  Visit the shops along main street which are within walking distance.  And if you absolutely must have your evening news, or music, or youtube—WIFi is provided.

We do hope you will enjoy your stay in Saltsman House and in Steelville.  See the table in the back room for brochures for things to do in the area. 

Laundry facilities provided for your convenience.

Unfortunately the home is not outfitted for those physically challenged.  The original doors just are not wide enough for wheel chairs. To change the doors meant that the original woodwork would have been removed and the owner is too attached to the originality of the home to destroy that part of the home.